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Church Choir – Sing Joyfully To The Lord

church choir

Nim’s joined the church choir, but he doesn’t think the music minister likes the way he sings.

↓ Transcript
Nim: I don't think our music minister likes the way I sing.

Amos: I'm sure you're mistaken. The important thing is that you sing joyfully to the Lord.

Nim: I know.
Amos: Then why do you think that?

Nim: Because he gave me a hymnal without any words.
Amos: Ouch.

Even if you can't carry a tune, God loves to hear you sing praise to him.

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Big Church

Church cartoon

Some churches are big and others are small. It doesn’t matter which you go to as long as you’re having fellowship in God. Find the church that fits you best.

↓ Transcript
Nim: I visited my uncle's church this weekend.

Nim: It's the biggest church I've ever seen.

Con: How big is it?

Nim: It's so big that the baptistry includes a waterslide and four-star hotel.

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Ice Cream Social

christian comic strip

If your church hasn’t had an ice cream social, you should work to get one started. They’re a lot of fun and a great way to encourage more fellowship.

↓ Transcript
Nim: Our church had an big ice cream social last night.

Abby: Didn't that mess up your diet?

Nim: Nope, I took some all-natural, no-sugar, no-fat, hi-fiber, non-dairy frozen dessert food.
Abby: What flavor?

Nim: The said "Banana Split Blast," but it tasted more like "feet blast."

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Church Newsletter

church newsletter

There are lots of ways to get involved at your church. Are you a good writer? Then why not volunteer to write for the church newsletter?

↓ Transcript
Nim: I've started writing for the church newsletter.
Con: That's great!

Nim: Yeah, and I'm not going to just write fluff-pieces either. I'm going to be a hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners, investigative journalist.

Nim: I'm going to use the time-honored tools of baseless accusations, innuendo and fear to whip my readers into a fury! Now I just need a juicy subject for my first Pulitzer Prize-winning story!

Con: I don't know if...
Nim: I've got it! Wednesday Night Suppers: What Are You REALLY Eating?!!!

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No Calories

calorie free food

It’s important to remember that not everything you hear from others is true. Read your Bible to make sure you don’t just believe what others tell you about God.

↓ Transcript
Con: I hear you told Nim food has no calories if eaten in church.
Amos: That's right!

Con: No, that's wrong. Food always has calories.
Amos: Really? Oh, well. No harm, no foul.

Con: Then I guess you haven't seen him?
Amos: Seen who?

Nim: Hi guys, what's shaking?

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Church Dinner

church dinner cartoon

Contrary to what Amos thinks, church dinners are just as fattening as any other dinner. If you want to lose weight, it takes a lot of work!

↓ Transcript
Amos: I can't wait for the church dinner this week!

Amos: I'm going to have 2 hamburgers, a giant plate of fries, some of those big pickles, a couple of chocolate milks and two...no...three desserts!

Nim: Hon on, Amos...I thought you were on a diet. That's a lot of calories.

Amos: I am. But food you eat in church doesn't have any calories.
Nim: Hot dog!

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baptism church comics

When you church has important moments – like Baptisms – make sure you’re involved in the importance of the event. Don’t just phone it in!

↓ Transcript
Amos: My church had six baptisms this past Sunday.

Con: That's awesome! You know, every time my church goes through one of our rituals, I can actually feel my relationship with God grow. It strengthens my faith and helps me to become an active part of the "Body of Christ."

Con: How did the baptisms make you feel, Amos?

Amos: Hungry! We were 30 minutes late getting out of church!

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Church Task Force

Christian Comics

Abby gets added to a church task force. The fewer layers of bureaucracy in your church, the time it has to get things done for everyone.

↓ Transcript
Con: How goes the Committee on Committees.
Abby: They've put me on a new task force.

Con: What's the new task force charged with doing?

Abby: We have to create a small group council that will make recommendations to my task force on how to better structure our committees, which I will formally present to the Committee on Committees.

Con: That makes my brain hurt.
Abby: Tell me about it.

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Church Committees

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If your church spends more time preparing to get things done than it does actually getting things done, maybe it’s time to look at streamlining the process.

↓ Transcript
Abby: I think my church needs streamlining.

Abby: We even formed a Committee on Committees.

Jerry: Where do they meet?

Abby: Nowhere yet. They've just formed a committee to figure that out.

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