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Summer Vacation

vacation cartoon

↓ Transcript
Jerry: There aren't many people in church lately.

Abby: Nope. Everyone is taking a summer vacation.

Jerry: Where'd you go on your last vacation?

Abby: To the kennel.

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Stop Complaining, Start Giving Thanks

christian cartoons

↓ Transcript
DT: I have so many problems. My leg hurts. I don't like my school. I'm bored with everyone and everything.

Nim: Well, let me ask you this: Where do you think God goes on vacation?
DT: Huh?

DT: Little dude, if you're not going to listen to me, I'm out of here!

Nim: I asked because I had only been listening to you complain for 5 minutes and I needed a vacation. God's been listening your whole life!

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