Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach kids about God’s love? Check out our brand new Prayer Pups Christian Comics Bulletins!

And what if they’re FREE?

Every week, you’ll receive a fresh PDF bulletin featuring hilarious new comic adventures starring five lovable pup characters – Con, Nim, Abby, Amos and Jerry. These furry friends are crazy about the Lord, and their laugh-out-loud stories convey valuable biblical lessons.

The comic strips are sure to captivate older children. And the little ones will love coloring the awesome black-and-white illustrations!

Try a Sample Bulletin

Here’s a sample. Just download it, print it double-sided on a home printer and fold it in half.

Biblically Sound and Respectful

But don’t worry, we keep things 100% biblically sound. Prayer Pups avoids portraying Jesus or other holy figures as cartoon characters so as not to confuse children about the fact that these are real people, and not comic strip characters.

Best of all, these delightful bulletins are TOTALLY FREE for life! Just sign up below, and you’ll get a new bulletin every week without paying a dime. We gratefully request a $15 monthly donation to support this fun, uplifting ministry, but a donation is not necessary to receive these fun and educating bulletins.

Bring smiles, giggles, and God’s word to your children’s program with the Prayer Pups Christian Comics. Sign up today for this pup-tastic resource!

For Churches

Prayer Pups Christian Comics Bulletins offer churches a valuable resource to enhance their children’s ministry programs. These weekly PDF bulletins provide engaging, biblically sound content that captures children’s attention and reinforces spiritual lessons in a fun, memorable way. The comic adventures featuring lovable pup characters make learning about God’s love both enjoyable and impactful. With free access to these materials, churches can easily supplement their existing curriculum, saving time and resources while providing high-quality, age-appropriate content that resonates with kids of all ages.

For Homeschoolers

Homeschool parents will find Prayer Pups Christian Comics Bulletins to be an excellent addition to their faith-based curriculum. These weekly PDF bulletins provide a fun, interactive way to incorporate religious education into homeschooling routines. As a free, regularly updated resource, it helps homeschool parents maintain a fresh and engaging reward for good work without additional cost or preparation time. The bulletins also offer opportunities for family discussions about faith, fostering a shared spiritual learning experience in the home environment.

For Christian Organizations

Christian organizations focused on youth outreach and education find the bulletins to be an invaluable tool. These free weekly resources offer a consistent stream of fresh, entertaining content that aligns with biblical teachings. They fit perfectly in Christian shoeboxes and can be given along with food or other charitable items. By incorporating these bulletins into their programs, organizations can enhance their educational offerings and reinforce their mission of spreading God’s word in an accessible, child-friendly manner.

The Prayer Pups Sunday Funnies are 100% free and always will be. But to keep our ministry strong and growing, we request a $15 per month donation. Why do we suggest this?

In addition to keeping our ministry producing new bulletins every week for our current users, we’re also expanding our reach around the world. The Prayer Pups website currently has visitors from every country in the world (except for Iran and North Korea). Your donation will help pay for:

  • Translations into other languages,
  • Distribution to hospitals and children’s care organizations,
  • Promotion of God’s Word around the world,
  • The development of other resources to continue to spread the Word in new and fun ways,
  • Web hosting costs,
  • Software and printing costs.

We want every child in the world to have their faith nourished through these fun characters made just for them. Your donation can help do that. If you’d prefer to make a one-time donation of any amount by clicking this link: One-Time Donation

But remember that these bulletins are 100% free to you whether you choose to donate or not and they always will be. Please share them with your friends and family to help spread the word.

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