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Prayer – Your Hotline To God

prayer comic strip

Nim’s newest scheme is setting up God’s Hotline, but we already have that. It’s called prayer. #pray #prayer #jesuschrist #sonofgod #iamachristian #warroom

↓ Transcript
Nim: I think God needs a hotline!
Con: How do you see that working?

Nim: First we set up a voicemail system.
Phone: You've reached the 24 hour Hotline To Heaven. If this is an emergency, please drop down to your knees and start praying immediately.

Nim: Then we collect info to redirect the calls.
Phone: Please listen carefully, as our menu options have changed because of Christ's saving grace. For health issues, press 1... For marriage, press 2...

Con: I don't like this idea.
Nim: Wait! You haven't heard about the sponsorship opportunities.

We each already have our own personal "Hotline to Heaven." It's called prayer.

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