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The Book of Isaiah In The Bible

book of isaiah

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Con's Big Bible Facts

Con: Isaiah is an interesting Book of the Bible.

Con: First, Isaiah's constructed just like the Bible: There are 66 books in the Bible and 66 chapters in Isaiah. The first 39 books of the Bible deal mainly with Israel, as do the first 39 chapters of Isaiah.

Con: The last 27 books of the Bible concern the life and coming of Jesus Christ, as do the last 27 chapters of Isaiah. In fact, these 27 chapters of the Old Testament predict Jesus, listing more than 20 things about him that came true!

Con: What does all this mean? Beats me, but it's pretty darned neat!

The Bible is a wonderful and amazing thing...But why would God write anything less?

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Isaiah 11:5 – Righteousness Will Be His Belt

isaiah 11:5

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Abby: I want to be like Jesus.
Jerry: That's good.

Abby: But Isaiah 11:5 says "Righteousness will be His belt."

Jerry: Why is that a problem?

Abby: Belts make me look hip-py.

Isaiah 11 speaks prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ.

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Numbers in the Bible

numbers in the bible

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Nim: Con, why are there so many numbers in the Bible?

Con: Well, some people think the numbers hold keys to a better understanding of the Bible.

Con: Others think they relate to events that make sense of prophecy after the fact.

Con: Why do you ask?
Nim: I wanted to make sure there's not a math test to get into Heaven.

The test to get into Heaven is only one sentence: Do you accept Jesus Christ as your savior?

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