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Good Morning Lord [COMIC]

christian cartoon

Do you wake up every morning thankful to God for all he does for you? Starting tomorrow, try to take a few minutes to say “Good Morning Lord!”

↓ Transcript
Abby: I have a routine every day.
Jerry: What is it?

Abby: I jump out of bed before the alarm goes off, take a big drink of water and shout, "Good morning, Lord!"

Jerry: I have a similar routine.

Jerry: I jump out of bed and reach to turn the alarm off, but knock my water over instead and shout, "Good Lord, is it morning already?"

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Morning Devotional and Cup Of Joe

morning devotional

Nim needs his morning devotional and cup of joe to feel like a real person every day! #biblestudy #devotional #bible #coffee #jesus

↓ Transcript

Before my cup of coffee and morning devotional.

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