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Mark 1:9-12 – Jesus and John The Baptist

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↓ Transcript
Abby: My church baptizes people in the local river.

Con: That's neat. It's just like John and Jesus.

Abby: Yeah, but a little different.
Con: How?

Abby: I don't think Jesus was baptized to the sounds of "Marco...Polo!"

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Mark 1:8 – Christian Baptism

christian comic strip

↓ Transcript
Nim: Con says my new idea is a bad one.
Abby: What's the idea?

Nim: High-dive baptisms!
Abby: Oh, my!

Nim: The problem is that I don't know if he means "bad" as in "good." Like: That's one bad bike, dude! Or if he means "bad" as in "bad." Like: Bad news about your bike, dude!

Abby: Gosh. If only we could know which he meant.
Nim: You see my dilemma.

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Mark 1:15 – The Good News

christian comic strip

↓ Transcript
Nim: Nope. Can't find any.
Con Can't find any what?

Nim: Good news. My pastor says that I should spread the good news, but this paper is full of nothing but bad news.

Con: The good news isn't in the newspaper. The good news is the fact that Jesus is our savior. We're supposed to spread that news to everyone we meet.

Nim: Boy! Let me tell you, this paper could benefit from some of that good news.
Con: No doubt.

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