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Luke 3 – The Baptism of Jesus

Luke 3 - The Baptism of Jesus

↓ Transcript
Abby: I played in an inflatable pool today. It was so fun!

Jerry: Awesome! You know, water's very important in the Bible. The woman at the well. The flood. And when Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan, the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit came to earth like a dove. Then God said, "This is my dearly loved son, who brings me great joy!"

Abby: My experience was a little different.

Abby: I jumped out of the water and rolled in dirt as my master called me a "bad girl!"

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Fruits Of The Spirit Juice Box

fruits of the spirit

↓ Transcript
Nim: Professor Amos, how do I get the Fruits of the Spirit?

Amos: By accepting Christ, they are already growing inside you.

Amos: It takes time, prayer and faith. But God will give them to you.

Nim: Couldn't I just buy them in a convenient juice box?

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Acts 2: The Pentecost

Christian comic strip

↓ Transcript
Nim: Okay, Mr. Smarty-Pants. Let's see how much you know.
Con: Go!

Nim: What's the Pentecost?
Con: The descent of the Holy Spirit.
Nim: What's the Penteteuch?
Con The first five books of the Bible.
Nim: What's a henway?

Con: Why, that's a...a...give me a second. It's...um...you know what? You got me!

Con: What's a henway?
Nim: About four pounds.

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