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Matthew 21: Jesus and the Moneychangers

christian comic strip

Nim wonders what is meant in Matthew 21 about Jesus and the Moneychangers. #matthew21 #bible, #denofthieves #biblestories #bibleverse

↓ Transcript
Nim: What did the moneychangers change the money into?
Abby: What?

Nim: Jesus got angry with the moneychangers, so I figure that they must have been changing the money into something really bad.

Abby: The moneychangers were turning the Temple into a "Den of Thieves." Jesus said they were disrespecting "His Father's Temple." So he turned over their tables and drove them out.

Nim: I bet they changed the money into a big pile of smelly fish.
Abby: You really are quite odd, aren't you?

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