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Leviticus 23 – Alien Welcome Kit

Feed the poor

↓ Transcript
Nim: Klingon Phrase Book? Check! Reese's Pieces? Check!

Abby: Do you wnat to ask him or should I?

Jerry: Neither. I don't think we even want to know.
Nim: Light saber? Check.

Nim: Well, maybe I didn't even want to tell you. Did you ever think of that?!

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Matthew 25:5 – Feed The Hungry

Matthew 25:5 Feed The Hungry

↓ Transcript
Abby: Nim, I'm so glad you have some canned goods for the church food drive.
Nim: Yep!

Nim: And not a plenty in the bunch.

Abby: Not a what in the bunch?
Nim: A plenty. I separated the "Goods" from the "Plenties" before I filled the can.

Nim: And voila! Canned "Goods!"
Abby: (Patience...he means well.

Remember to help those less fortunate this Christmas season.

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