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It’s February 29, Happy Leap Day!

christian comic strip

February 29, or Leap Day, only comes along every four years, so take this gift from God and do something special that you don’t do every day.

↓ Transcript
Nim: February 29 only happens every 4 years, so today is a gift from God.
Con: Every day is a gift from God.

Nim: Yeah, but this is like an infomercial.
(TV: You'll get God's gift of 365 days every year!!!)

Nim: Then the infomercial announcer guy says...
(TV: But that's not all!!! You'll also get one extra day...FREE!)
Nim: Yay!

Nim: What would the shipping charges be for a free day?
Con: That depends. Do you want it delivered overnight?

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