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Unspoken’s song “Higher” is just one of so many awesome Christian songs that can help you develop an even closer connection to God.

↓ Transcript
Nim: Who sings the Christian song “Higher”?
Con: It’s Unspoken.

Nim: Why is it unspoken?
Con: Because they singed it.
Nim: Who sings it?
Con: Like I said, it’s Unspoken.

Nim: Why won’t you tell me?
Con: I am telling you.
Nim: I asked who sings “Higher,” and you say it’s unspoken.
Con: That’s right.
Nim: What’s right?
Con: It’s unspoken!
Nim: Aaargggghhhhh!

Nim: You’re enjoying this, right?
Con: Oh, yeah!

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Citizen Way 2.0 – Bulletproof

citizen way 2.0

The new song “Bulletproof” from Citizen Way‘s second album, “2.0” is a fun way to praise God. In fact, the whole album is great! I had it playing while drawing this strip. Check it out on iTunes.

↓ Transcript
Abby: What'cha listening to?
Con: "Bulletproof," the new song from Citizen Way.

Con: It's got a great Christian message all wrapped up in a cool disco sound that I can dance to.
Abby: You... dance?


Con: I can dance!
Abby: I've seen you try. Just don't even...NO!

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The Cross Has Made You Flawless

cross had made you flawless

As @bartmillard, , , and  sing in the @mercyme hit song, the cross has made you #flawless!

↓ Transcript
The cross has made me flawless!

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Abby’s Latest Dance Moves

christian comics

Abby can do all the latest dance moves…all at once! @officialtobymac @lauren_daigle @jamiegraceh #christianmusic #ccm

↓ Transcript
Jerry: What are you listening to?

Abby: Some Christian songs I got for Christmas! TobyMac. Lauren Daigle. Jamie Grace.

(Wild dance moves)

Jerry: Abby likes to know all the latest dance moves.

Music celebrates God's gift of song.

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