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Faith vs Science

scientific proof of god

Science is a wonderful gift from God and something we all need to learn and understand. But it’s neither a substitute nor a litmus test for faith’s realities. They’re completely different things and they’re supposed to be. Science is understanding our world through theory, proof and law. Faith is choosing to believe and praise, no matter what.

↓ Transcript
DT: It would be a lot easier to believe all the stuff in the Bible if I could have been there to see it for myself.

Con: That wouldn't be FAITH.
DT: But I would KNOW.

DT: I'd just like to scientifically prove it.
Con: But they're two different things.

Con: Trying to find your faith with science is like trying to read a book with your tastebuds.

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Stop Complaining, Start Giving Thanks

christian cartoons

If you focus too much on your problems, this is a good day to stop complaining and start showing God some gratitude!

↓ Transcript
DT: I have so many problems. My leg hurts. I don't like my school. I'm bored with everyone and everything.

Nim: Well, let me ask you this: Where do you think God goes on vacation?
DT: Huh?

DT: Little dude, if you're not going to listen to me, I'm out of here!

Nim: I asked because I had only been listening to you complain for 5 minutes and I needed a vacation. God's been listening your whole life!

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