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Church Volunteer

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Whatever you unique and special talent is, your church needs it. So get in the game and become a church volunteer! It’ll change your life!

↓ Transcript
Abby: How do you like volunteering at your church?

Nim: It seems like they're trying to work me to death!

Abby: That's because so few do the work for so many. Just remember, churches are like football games...

Abby: 1,000 on the sidelines who need some exercise and 22 people in the game who need some rest.

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Volunteer At Church

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Volunteer for something at your church this week to help out. Then do whatever you’re asked to do with joy in your heart, no matter how small the task might be.

↓ Transcript
Nim: I've started volunteering at my church during the week.

Nim: But all they ever give me are small jobs.

Con: Just remember, Nim: There are no small jobs, only small people.

Nim: But I'm the SMALLEST one there!

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Volunteering At Church

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Your church is a great place to volunteer and get involved, but make sure you don’t overextend yourself (And don’t give dogs coffee).

↓ Transcript
Abby: I'm really tired. I'm just dragging along.

Abby: I've been working at the church, singing in praise band, chairing a Mother's Day lunch and trying to keep up with the poodle group Bible study.

Jerry: Sounds like you're burrning the candle at both ends.

Abby: More like I'm pitching candles into a bonfire with wild abandon.
Jerry: I'll make coffee.

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