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The Word

The Word comic from Treasure Hunt Featuring Prayer Pups

↓ Transcript
Nim: Yo! Abby, Word to your mother!
Abby: Huh?

Nim: The Bible is called "The Word." So I'm spreading the "Word," but like a rapper.

Abby: That's great, but you don't have to be a rapper to spread the Word.
Nim: True dat. But this makes it off the chain. Yassss!

Abby: You are so odd.
Nim: Word, yo!

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Witnessing For Christ

christian comics

↓ Transcript
Jerry: I got the chance to witness to someone yesterday.

Abby: That's exciting. I'm not very good at witnessing.

Abby: In fact, I'm so bad that my pastor is taking time with me to help me improve.

Abby: He calls it "The Witnessing Protection Program."

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Spread The Word of God

christian comic strip

↓ Transcript
Nim: My minister said I should know "The Word." What word is he talking about?
Con: The Bible.

Nim: I already know the word "Bible."
Con: No, The Word is the Bible.
Nim: There are lots of words in the Bible.

Con: Let's start over. The Bible is The Word as a whole.
Nim: There's a hole in the Bible near The Word?

Con: The word is "rutabaga."
Nim: Thank you. Was that really so hard?

"The Word" means the Bible, or "The Word of God." It's not a secret word you have to look for.

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