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Job 12:7-10 – Ask The Animals

job 12:7-10 Ask the animals

↓ Transcript
Con: Job 12:7 says "ask the animals and they will teach you..."

Abby: Ask the animals?! What are they going to ask us? No one informed me there was going to be a test!

Abby: This isn't fair! I'm totally unprepared! Is there some sort of training I should have been offered?! Some form of tutelage?!

Con: Abby hates pop quizzes.
Abby: Ohhhh...the pressure!

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Tested By God

christian comics

↓ Transcript
Con: Have things gotten better?
Nim: Not really.

Con: Well, try not to worry. You won't have to face anything that you can't handle. Just remember that God tests all of us from time to time.

Nim: Test?!!! There's going to be a test?!!! This just keeps getting worse!!! I hope it's a multiple choice test!

Con: Wrong kind of test.
Nim: Abby! I need a tutor! Stat!

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