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It’s Already May

christian comic strip

Your church probably already has a lot of events and activities scheduled for the month of May. Find out what they are get involved today!

↓ Transcript
Con: I can't believe it's already May!
Amos: I know!

Con: Is your church doing anything special this month?

Amos: May.

Amos: May not.

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It’s Officially Spring, Time To Party!

easter cartoon

Go out and celebrate the wonderful gift of spring and have a lot of fun. But take a moment to reflect on what this week is really about.

↓ Transcript
Abby: What's with the jams?
Jerry: It's officially spring, buddy!

Jerry: Time to party! Whoo-hoo! PAR-TAAAAAYYYYY!

Abby: It's also the most holy week of the year. Time to reflect and give praise.
Jerry: I've got that covered too!

Jerry: Great job, God! Whoo-hoo! PUH-RAAAAISSSE!

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