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Moment of Silence For Prayer

moment of silence cartoon

↓ Transcript
Abby: My owner's sending me to obedience school.

Abby: I'm hoping they respect my faith and allow time for prayer.
Con: There's no prayer in obedience school.

Abby: Oh. Well, do you think they'll offer me a "moment of silence?"
Con: In a room full of dogs?

Con: I think you'll be really lucky if you get even a "second of silence."

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1 Corinthians – Nim’s Math Test

1 Corinthians

↓ Transcript
Con: How did your math test go?
Nim: Not well. But it's okay.

Nim: I told my teacher that Paul said God "Made foolish the wisdom of the world." So I don't need to know math.

Con: You realize that's not what that verse really means.

Nim: Tomorrow, I'm going to tell the football coach what I think of him, 'cause God "chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong."
Con: Good luck with that.

Read more of what Paul wrote in his letter by checking out 1 Corinthians

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