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Happy Easter 2016 From Prayer Pups Christian Comics!

easter cartoon

Matthew 28 details the story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. This is a good day to read about it and meditate on its meaning.

↓ Transcript
Con: Mary Magdelene and Mary went to Christ's tomb...

Con: An angel met them and said that Jesus was not there. He had risen just as he promised. Then Jesus appeared to them and they worshipped Him.

Con: Easter is the cornerstone of our faith because Jesus saved us from our sins and showed us the way to eternal life.

Abby, Amos & Con: HAPPY EASTER!
Nim: Can I have my rock back now?

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Easter Play Woes

easter comics

This Easter, remember to be always grateful for the incredible gift of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice that saved us all from our sins.

↓ Transcript
Con: How's the church's Easter play coming along, Abby?

Abby: Don't ask! Nobody knows their lines! The piano needs tuning! The lights are on the fritz! And the printer put the wrong date on the tickets!

Con: Relax. It could be worse.

Con: Jesus could have never given us a reason to celebrate Easter at all.

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