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Psalm 131 And Haughty Eyes

Psalm 131 And Haughty Eyes

Nim is reading Psalm 131 and trying to make sure his character is in line with God’s teaching. Have you taken the time to make sure you’re living as God wants you to?

Psalm 131

↓ Transcript
Nim: My eyes don't look haughty, do they?
Abby: Huh?
Nim: I'm reading Psalm 131. I've made sure my hearts not proud. I don't concern myself with great matters and I've put my hope in the Lord. But I need to make sure my eyes aren't haughty.
Abby: Nope. Not haughty. They're a little bloodshot. And you've got some crust in the corners.
Nim: Hey!!!

Psalm 131 shows us that we shouldn't judge others. Judgment is to be left to God.

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