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Prayer Works

prayer cartoon

↓ Transcript
Nim: You lied to me! You said prayer works, but it doesn't!
Con: What?

Nim: I prayed for a million dollars and I didn't get squat.
Con: That's not prayer! Thats just looking to God to just give you what YOU want. Honest prayer is selfless and sincere. It draws you closer to God.

Nim: I guess I need to call the dealership and cancel my Porsche, huh?
Con: A Porsche? What would you do with a Porsche?

Con: Give it to my owner so I could hang my head out the window like this!

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The After Prayer Sale

christian webcomic

↓ Transcript
Nim: I'll bet the mall is crowded!
Amos: Why?

Nim: It's the day after the National Day of Prayer!
Amos: So?

Nim: So? The day after holidays are always crazy at the mall. You know, like the day after Thanksgiving...Christmas...New Year's...

Nim: Last week, I went for the day after Arbor Day Sale. Whoa! It was a madhouse!

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Prayer Works!

prayer meme

↓ Transcript
Prayer Works

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Thank God For Friends

christian comic strip

↓ Transcript
Nim: Father, I don't know how to make it through this difficult time.

Nim: It's hard to deal with the burdens that I'm facing. But I know you're with me and that you will always give me what I need to carry on.

(Looks at tree with friends names)

Nim: Like all my friends. Thank you for them.

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