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Matthew 3:13-17 – The Baptism of Jesus

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↓ Transcript
Nim: John the Baptist dunked Jesus under the water.

Nim: Then the Holy Spirit flew down like a dove. And Heaven opened up, a loud voice proclaiming, "This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased."

Nim: Then John the Baptist gave Jesus the high-five and shouted, "Who da man?!"

Con: He did not.
Nim: Can I get a witness?

You can read about Jesus' baptism in Matthew 3:13-17 and Luke 3:21-22

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Matthew 3:11 – Not Fit To Carry Sandals

matthew 3:11

↓ Transcript
Nim: In Matthew 3;11, John the Baptist says One more powerful is coming, whose sandals he's "not fit to carry."

Nim: So I'm working out with different types of shoes so I'll be fit enough.

Nim: I've worked my way up to a woman's size 5 pump. I hope to be fit enough for men's sandals by next week.

Con: I don't know how to respond.
Nim: Oooh...feel my muscle!

John the Baptist was just one of many people in the Bible who prophesied the coming Christ.

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