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1 Peter 5 – Humble Yourself Before God

bible comic

↓ Transcript
Abby: Have you figured out what special talent God gave you to use for His purpose?

Nim: I tried, but I'm good at everything!

Abby: Nim, you need to be more humble.
Nim: More humble?

Nim: But humility is my best quality.

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Prayer Works

prayer cartoon

↓ Transcript
Nim: You lied to me! You said prayer works, but it doesn't!
Con: What?

Nim: I prayed for a million dollars and I didn't get squat.
Con: That's not prayer! Thats just looking to God to just give you what YOU want. Honest prayer is selfless and sincere. It draws you closer to God.

Nim: I guess I need to call the dealership and cancel my Porsche, huh?
Con: A Porsche? What would you do with a Porsche?

Con: Give it to my owner so I could hang my head out the window like this!

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Why Should I Be Humble?


↓ Transcript
Nim: Why in the world should I be humble?

Nim: I'm smart and I'm extremely talented!
Nim: I possess an incredible sense of style!
Nim: And all the ladies in church love Nim!

Abby: Because Jesus - the perfect Son of God - was humble, and we should try to be like Him.

Nim: Poodles love to rain on your parade.

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