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It’s Called The Good News

christian meme

↓ Transcript
It's called The Good News, so why aren't you smiling?

Brighten someone's life today!

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Apologetics Part 1


↓ Transcript
Nim: I've been telling others about Jesus.
Con: That's great, Nim!

Con: Apologetics is fascinating. Some people use facts to share their beliefs from an intellectual viewpoint. Some use emotional pleas to build commonality. And others use confrontation, arguing their beliefs to the end.

Con: What do you use to tell others about Christ, Nim?

Nim: My mouth.

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Mark 1:15 – The Good News

christian comic strip

↓ Transcript
Nim: Nope. Can't find any.
Con Can't find any what?

Nim: Good news. My pastor says that I should spread the good news, but this paper is full of nothing but bad news.

Con: The good news isn't in the newspaper. The good news is the fact that Jesus is our savior. We're supposed to spread that news to everyone we meet.

Nim: Boy! Let me tell you, this paper could benefit from some of that good news.
Con: No doubt.

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