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Watch What Happens When You Share This To Social Media

Christian Meme

Like and share to have Nim point at you and tell the world that you love God!

↓ Transcript
This person loves God!

Share to have Nim tell the world you love God!

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God Is Love

god is love

God created love and God is the ultimate definition of love. If you don’t know God, how can you ever expect to give and receive love at the ultimate level?

↓ Transcript
Abby: My pastor said "God is love."
Jerry: That's right.

Abby: But the word "love" is a verb, like in "I love to dance." Saying someone IS a verb doesn't make sense. Maybe I should start saying "Abby IS dance."
Jerry: Love can also be a noun, like in "He has a lot of love." It's used like that.

Abby: Oh.

Abby: Can I still say "Abby is dance?"

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Do Not Be Afraid 3

christian comic strip

If you’re afraid of something, a good way to deal with it is to focus on something positive. It can be something physical, like a cookie, or something bigger, like God’s unfailing love for us.

↓ Transcript
Jerry: So Con, I hear you're afraid of thunder.
Con: Yeah.

Jerry: I feel for you, man. My big fear is shiny floors. But then one day when I got scared, I ate a bunch of cookies. And that's what I've done ever since.

Con: How do cookies cure fear?

Jerry: I didn't say they cured me. I just get to eat more of them.

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I Have God’s Love

christian meme

Don’t worry about me…

I have God’s Love, so I’m good!

↓ Transcript
Don't worry about me...

I have God's Love, so I'm good!

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Rain Is Not God Crying

christian comics

Remember to thank God for the little things in life that we often take for granted…like rain, which is not God crying. No matter what you were told as a child.

↓ Transcript
Putting Rumors To Rest.

Nim: I've got a question for you.
Con: Shoot.

Nim: When it's raining, is that really God crying?
Con: No!

Con: Rain makes the flowers grow and fills our water supply so we can live. And after the rain is over, we get to see a rainbow.

Nim: So when it's raining, God is showing us His love?
Con: You got it, buddy!

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I Love My Jesus!

christian meme

How big is your love for Jesus?

↓ Transcript
Love My Jesus!

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