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I’m Going to Stop Sinning

stop sinning

Abby thinks she can stop sinning on her own, but Con lets her know that she should prepare to fail sometimes, but that God’s forgiveness will be all she needs.

↓ Transcript
Abby: Con, I've decided I'm going to stop sinning.

Con: Maybe you should try for sinning less.

Con: It's not possible to live a perfect life in this world. But that's okay, because...

Con: God's forgiveness is all you really need.

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Not Perfect, Just Forgiven

not perfect just forgiven

Just because Christians try to live a Godly life but stumble, that doesn’t make us hypocrites. It just means we’re human! We’re not perfect, just forgiven.

↓ Transcript
Nim: My friend said Christians have to be perfect.
Con: Not true.

Nim: She said that if we weren't, then we'd be hypocrites.
Con: That's crazy!

Con: We know we aren't perfect. It's so obvious that we are nothing without Jesus that we came up with the saying: "Not perfect, just forgiven."

Nim: Phew! That's a big relief. I usually don't make it past breakfast without messing something up!

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Confess Your Sins

christian comics

When you confess your sins, you acknowledge your understanding that you sinned against HIM. #confess #confession #forgiveness

↓ Transcript
Nim: Why do I have to confess my sins to God? Doesn't He already know what I did?

Con: Yes, but by confessing your sins, you acknowledge that you understand that you sinned against HIM.

Con: The most important thing to understand about sin is not how it hurts us or those around us, but how it hurts God. He loves us and wants us to choose His ways.

Nim: Now I get it. Okay, get lost! I have to tell God what I did to your chew toy.
Con: What?

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