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1 Samuel 17 – David And Goliath

david and goliath cartoon

↓ Transcript
Nim: My friend David claims he wrote the Psalms.
Con: Well, KING David wrote them.

Nim: Hey David!!! I know you fibbed about the Psalms, man!

Con: How do you know him?
Nim: He's famous! He's the one who fought that giant dog, Goliath!

Con: Uh...maybe not.

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2 Samuel 6 – Ark Of The Covenant Dance

bible cartoons

↓ Transcript
Abby: What are you doing?
Nim: The Ark of the Covenant dance!

Nim: When the Ark was delivered to the Temple, King David danced like crazy in praise to God.

Nim: It's a lot of fun. Want to join me?
Abby: Maybe...

Abby: What would offer God more praise? The Cabbage Patch or the Frug?

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