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Prayer Is Still Free

prayer comic

A lack of gratitude makes it difficult to ever be truly happy. If you’re feeling beaten down and have started complaining, make a date for prayer time with God.

↓ Transcript
I heard a man complain about the price of gas today.

He said it was an outrage, how much he had to pay.

But that was not the only thing that put him in a huff.

Then he said his gourmet coffee wasn't hot enough.

In spite of all his blessings, no gratitude had he.

I guess he failed to realize...

That prayer is still free!

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Stop Complaining, Start Giving Thanks

christian cartoons

If you focus too much on your problems, this is a good day to stop complaining and start showing God some gratitude!

↓ Transcript
DT: I have so many problems. My leg hurts. I don't like my school. I'm bored with everyone and everything.

Nim: Well, let me ask you this: Where do you think God goes on vacation?
DT: Huh?

DT: Little dude, if you're not going to listen to me, I'm out of here!

Nim: I asked because I had only been listening to you complain for 5 minutes and I needed a vacation. God's been listening your whole life!

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Thanksgiving Every Day

thanksgiving every day

Make sure your Thanksgiving doesn’t become a Gripes-giving. #thanksgiving #gratitude #grateful #bible #god

↓ Transcript
Nim: How was your Thanksgiving, DT?

DT: The turkey was dry. The stuffing needed lots more spice. The sweet potatoes were runny. There wasn't anything on TV but ball games. And Con't mom me help with the dishes.

DT: Basically, it was a pain in the neck!

Nim: You know, I didn't ask how your "Gripes-giving" was!

Giving thanks isn't only for Thanksgiving Day...Keep that gratitude in your heart all year long!

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