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Church Events & Activities

church events

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Jerry: Are you doing anything special this weekend?

Abby: My Sunday School class is going to the beach.

Jerry: That sounds like a lot of fun!

Abby: Oh, yeah. Pink skin ... five hours of sun ... let the party begin!

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Church Ice Cream Social

church ice cream social

↓ Transcript
Nim: Our church had a big ice cream social last night.

Abby: Didn't that mess up your diet?

Nim: Nope, I took some all-natural, no-sugar, no-fat, hi-fiber, non-dairy frozen dessert food.
Abby: What flavor?

Nim: The package said "Banana Split Blast," but it tasted more like "Feet Blast."

If your church hasn't had an ice cream social, get one started!

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