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Stand Up For Your Beliefs

Christian Comic Strip

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Con: When other people try to get you to do things you know are wrong, don't do it!

Con: We should never agree with other people to "get along!"

Nim: Amen, brother!

Nim: But what if I happen to be sitting down at the time?

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Sincere Christian Commitment

christian sincerity

↓ Transcript
Nim: My friend said it's okay for Christians to sin because God's forgiveness is like a free pass to do whatever you want.

Abby: Your friend is wrong. And if he thinks that way, he might not have sincerely accepted Christ.

Nim: It's funny. That's EXACTLY what I told him.

Nim: Actually, I just said "shut up, you pootyhead!" But the gist was the same as what you said.

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Onward Christian Soldiers!

christian cartoons

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Christian Soldier

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Say Amen

christian comic strip

↓ Transcript
Jerry: If you want to be a good Christian, you've got to work at it.
Amos: Say amen!

Jerry: The devil starts early, so you have to work hard every day.
Amos: Say Amen!

Jerry: Work at being good! Work at being true! Work at being the best Christian you can possibly be!
Amos: Say Amen!

Jerry: Now drop and give me twenty!
Amos: Say what?

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When I Think Of God

christian comics

↓ Transcript
When I think of God, my tail wags!

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