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The Land Of Milk And Honey

christian webcomic

↓ Transcript
Nim: Con, have you ever been to the Holy Land?

Con: No, but I'd sure like to go!
Nim: Me too!

Con: You know it's called "The land of milk and honey."

Nim: I know. But I'm hoping they have some peanut butter and bread, too.

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Aaron and the Golden Calf

aaron and the golden calf

↓ Transcript
Nim: The golden calf Aaron built was idolatry.

Nim: So God told Moses to get rid of the calf.

Nim: And that's where we get the word "de-calf."

Con: No it's not.
Nim: Can I get a refill here?

Aaron melted down all the gold earrings the Israelites had to build the golden calf.

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